Hello fans! Its-a me Koofguy! I have now made a cheat site! Instead of waiting for videos (which take longer) just go to this blog and read all the koofguyness! I have awesome cheats, videos, walkthroughs, and more! I keep things up-to-date and show EXCLUSIVE sneak peeks of new CP toys, games, and parties! So check back often! Waddle on fans!


30 Responses

  1. Hey KG its Beast I was Wondering if i could help you with your Website. You know like Food Does. Id do whatever like you need to me like if u need t odo HW and you dont have time 2 do a post i could help you.
    Or if you just need an extra person. Thanks for Readin This – Beastmode AKA. will Smif lol JK

    P.S Im Brown Not Black! LOL

      • HEYO Koof Guy Its me Isayuh09 your buddy so im not sure where my last comment went but i was wondering if i could help with the website/blog because i am a big fan and your videos are so funny so it would be cool to help out! Plus just tell me what i need to do for the website/blog i would be happy to do it! P.S.
        Im going to start doing videos after Christmas so i cant wait for that! – Isayuh09

      • sure! just send me a message on youtube!

  2. Hey Koof guy its me isayuh09 your buddy! So i was wondering, how do you become an author because I would like to be one REALLY bad! Im a big fan and i always watch your videos! They are so funny!

  3. Also Koof Guy i now i said this before but i would like to be an author just like Beastmode On and help with anything you need. Like helping you post comments or help with updates. Please i would really like to be one -Isayuh09

  4. P.S. I stay up late so i can uplode comments late at night

  5. Sorry but i dont have a youtube account : ( BUT im getting one after christmas

  6. ill try, whats yours?

  7. and what does it have to be about?

  8. One more thing Koof Guy, when are you going to be making more videos for youtube? and is it ok if i be in the next one?

  9. HEYO Koof Guy have you seen Tazboi or The flames youtube videos? Well hes having a contest for some one to be on his video PLUS a special guest! GO to youtube Type in “ClubPenguin Press Conference” and then go to the description for instrictons! P.S. i think the special guest is NachoezRule because he was on the last one of the dunk contest! Im telling you because i dont have a yourube account : (

      • Heyo its me again what time do you usualy go on clubpenguin because your fun to hang out with and do you live in CA?

      • i live in Florida, so im 3 hours ahead. i usually go on after i do hw, which is live 5:00 or 4:00 EST. Which is 2:00 or 1:00 for you. I also go on 6:30 EST


  10. Its going to be hard playing Cp togeather so if its 7:00pm were i live (in CA) what time is it for you
    ( P.s. my real name is isaiah) also how old are you?

  11. and what time do you start school and what time does it end?

  12. ill be most likely to go at the same time as you on the weekend

  13. HEYO Koof Guy i was wondering if we could we could make a vid like a christmas speical( bcuz christmas is close by) with you, me, King, Beastmode, and Nuag

  14. proablly around Christmas break some where around that time or Christmas Eve

  15. HEYO just asking, when are you making another video? and have you ever heard of a guy called scottest hes my buddy and he makes vids just like you and hes having a party go to http://www.youtube.com/scottest‘s 300 subscriber party info. Hope to see ya there!

  16. i forgot to put somthing in here http://www.youtube.com/scottestcp 300 subscriber party info

  17. HOLIDAY ARMY OF CP (H.A.O.C.P)i made it myself what ever holiday its close by is our uniform. im still making the uniforms though, but i have already made the christmas uniforms. Leaders uniform head: green hat, face: black sunglasses, neck: H2O pack, body: red hoddie, hands: blue mittens, feet: green shoes. Member uniform head: red viking helmate, face: night vision glasses, neck: H2O pack, body: green cp jacket, hand: lasso, feet: red shoes. Non member uniform head: none, face: none, neck: magicans snow cape, body: none, hand: friendship wrist band, feet: none. Ask to join or Ask to be a leader.

  18. Leaders so far are Me, Cacooldude, and Popcornboy90.

  19. Ain’t this web turning into Fly’s web now?

  20. yea

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