Puffle Party

The puffle month’s puffle party is here! And if you like free items, here’s where to go…

First up for everyone, the blue puffle hat. 

That’s the free item available for both members and non-members!

Now for members!

First up, the striped puffle jacket!(Available at the puffle show room where you can show off your puffle’s sweet tricks!)   Unfortunately, I’m not a member, so I can’t take a picture. 😦

If you enter the dimension room, which you can take from the beach, and throw a snowball, you’ll throw a cookie for the orange puffles to eat!!!  

Enjoy the Puffle party!


2 Responses

  1. want me to give you a picture of it?

    • That would be awesome! I’ve send you an email where you can reply and post an attachment of the picture.

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