Just wanted to let all of you know that im back WOOT WOOT! ALSO SOME EXCITING NEWS! THERE IS A NEW EFP CLASS CALLED TECH Here are the items: Optic Headset x3 medals, Teach Coat x4 medals, Tech Satchel x2 medals, and Tech-Book 3000 x3 medals! HOPE YOU LIKE IT comment on how much or if you didnt like it. Also THEY MADE A NEW GAME WOOP WOOP! ITS THE FUNIEST GAME EVER(atleast in my opinion)ITS CALLED SYSTEM DEFENDER ITS SO BEAST!!! ITS BASICALLY A STRAGITY GAME LIKE IF YOU HAVE AN I TOUCH(like me) OR AN I PHONE YOU HAVE PROBALLY PLAYED A GAME LIKE THIS ONE. IT ALSO COMES WITH SOME STAMPS YAY! Once Again…………………………..IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Welcome back, Isayuh!

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