E.P.F. Classified

:O E.P.F. agents, we have to deal with this something that’s purple. Comment and give more members of the E.P.F. ideas of what this can be. I believe it can be a computer virus. – It must have been the only way, IF Herbert did hacked into the E.P.F. homepage to insert bugs. –


2 Responses

  1. My prediction: it will eathier hack into our data of clubpenguin or it will send a virus to our E.F.P phones so we cant stop herberts planns with the feild ops or we will have to vs it in on of the feild ops with like that small robot. XD HOPE YOU LIKE MY PREDICTION!

  2. i was right but half right…. n e ways i was still right i did say we would have to v.s. it XD!!!!!!

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