E.P.F. Message

While hanging out at the command room, I found this…

Some sort of message. To get this, you must get an amount of penguins in the room, or the table.

Go check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.


Multi-Log In Bug?

Did Club Penguin got new bugs to deal with? Check this out… log-in to Club Penguin, open a new tab or page, log-in again. It won’t tell you that you need one Club Penguin page only.

And if you click start, you will get this on your URL,



Fire Extinguisher Pin

The new pin is now available only at the dance lounge.

Do you wonder why it is stuck to the wall? Or what is behind those curtains?

You Decide Pin!

The polls are closed. The voting has been counted. And the winner is…. option three. What a race! 😀

Option 1 came in with 9% votes.
Option 2 got 32% votes.
Option 3 rocked the vote with 59%

What do you think the pin’s name will be? Can it be the Viking Ship?

New Brown Puffle House!

Hello fans! CP added a brown puffle house for our new brown puffles!

My brown puffle, named G, seems comfy in his new house.

Awesome! Thanks CP for adding a item with my puffle!

Weekly Field Op Cheats!

Hello Fans! New field op is out! It’s in the first room in the Wilderness at a rock near the right path.

Hope it helped!

You Decide a New CP Pin!

Hello fans! CP is allowing us to decide a new pin for them! Here are the choices:

I like all of them, but personally, I like the blue viking helmet! It looks EPIC! Which one do you want to win? Vote HERE!