Here it is.

At the hidden lake:


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  1. HEYO its me isayuh09 I was womdering were did tou get ur camrea from because I have a camera but it has sucky quality when I recored vids. -Isayuh09 p.s. I found out im part italian and germen srry if I spelled n e thing wrong im on a phone.

  2. Hello Isayuh09,

    I use CamStudio to record videos on web. When I take pictures, like the photo above, I use the following instructions:
    1. I press Prnt Scrn key (usually on the top right on your keyboard)
    2. Then, I go to paint on my computer
    3. I either right click and paste or use short cut keys Ctrl + V
    4. I crop the picture with the square button on the top left (I’m not sure what’s called but it’s the first one on the right side)
    5. I right click the picture and click Copy To…

    That’s all I do! When you exit paint it will ask if you would like to save your picture. Just click no, you already have the picture saved when you clicked Copy To. 🙂

    Camstudio is available at

  3. what about koofguy or does he have the same thing?

  4. i have my own blog so how doi put my account for my blog on to koofguys users?

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