Christmas Party and Rockhopper have Arrived!

Christmas and Rockhopper has arrived, and you know what that means. Coins for a change!!!!

You can donate for any of the following categories:

You get stamps for donating, too. 😀  If you donate 5000 coins, you get a another stamp.

Rockhopper brought his rare items!

If you read his corkboard, one of his goals is to get the whole light house full of coins!

And he’s halfway there to complete his goal!!!

What’s fun of the light house right now, you can have a little coin fight. Click the snowball icon on the bottom left of your screen and throw anywhere, like you would with a regular snowball, and you throw a coin!!!

Free Christmas item is located at the ski village. You get a reindeer hat.

If you’re looking for the pin, go the dock and you’ll find it.

Members get to ride the Santa sled and help deliver presents! You get a reward too when you finish.  Just go to the dance lounge to get started on your service with Santa. 🙂

Have a safe and happy holiday!!!


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  2. I am happy to help!

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