Club Penguin 500 Coins Code for Everyone!

Hello fans! CP gave a code to unlock 500 coins! It can be used only once and anyone can use it! Here is the code: DECNLR10



5 Responses

  1. you are AWESOME

  2. how did u figure that out?

  3. HOLIDAY ARMY OF CP (H.A.O.C.P)i made it myself what ever holiday its close by is our uniform. im still making the uniforms though, but i have already made the christmas uniforms. Leaders uniform head: green hat, face: black sunglasses, neck: H2O pack, body: red hoddie, hands: blue mittens, feet: green shoes. Member uniform head: red viking helmate, face: night vision glasses, neck: H2O pack, body: green cp jacket, hand: lasso, feet: red shoes. Non member uniform head: none, face: none, neck: magicans snow cape, body: none, hand: friendship wrist band, feet: none. Ask to join or Ask to be a leader.

  4. Leaders so far are Me, Cacooldude, and Popcornboy90.

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