Club Penguin December 2010 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats!

Hello fans! I found the cheats to the New Catalog that came out!

1. Go to page 3
2. Click on the the blue light

3. Go to page 3
4. Click on the “F” in the Coffee Shop sign

5. Go to page 4
6. Click on the Yellow Puffle

7. Go to page 4
8. Click on the snow fort bump

9. Go to page 5
10. Click on the top of all the trees

11. Go to page  6
12. Click on the middle part of the tree

13. Go to page 6

14.  Click on the snow on the mountain

15.  Go to page 7
16.  Click on the green glitter ornament

Those are the cheats ONLY on the new pages! Nice clothes huh?


One Response

  1. Thanks man i was wondering when your where going to do stuff like that! And because you did this you should do it on everything else like finding hidden items in the Clothing catalog, Costume catalog, Better igloo catalog, and the Igloo upgrades THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME and i could tell you where the stuff is!

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