Here it is.

At the hidden lake:

Great NEWS!

The NEW working trainer! Announced by Chrisdog93! Koofguy cheats so it’s OK!


Club Penguin My First Moving Picture

Heyy Guys,

This is just an experiment of my penguin Lakshman N1

Lakshman N1My Penguin Lakshman N1

Comment on how you think it is and if you want me to do more


Bye Rockhopper

Rockhopper has now left hooray and the holiday party is over now until next year


I haven’t been posting for a couple of days so hello again

Koofguy is Going to Disney World Thursday and Friday!

The title says it all, fans! I am going to Epcot on Thursday and Magic Kingdom on Friday!

So authors, listen up! I need you to post while I am gone, and I will be back on Sunday. Thank you authors and thank you fans for listening! -Koofguy

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone, ninja here! I didn’t have time to say merry christmas (lie) so i’m sayin’ happy new year before i forget 😀