Card-Jitsu Water Game Theroy!

Hello fans! Card-Jitsu Water is almost here! I cant wait! I also have been studying the video a lot more often lately, and I came up with a theory of the game. Here it is! First, 2-4 penguin are at edge of the waterfall. Then when the game begins, elemental obstacles come toward you, like the snow rock in the video:

Well, you use your cards on the elements to go farther and farther away from the waterfall’s edge! If you make a mistake on an element, you fall behind. And there is more proof you fight on waterfall, look at this penguin FALLING:

Also, on CP in the Dojo Courtyard, you see DARK clouds over the waterfall from the halloween party:

Well in the video, you see the SAME clouds! Observe:

In the video too, the background is MOVING. Go check out the video yourself!
See? It’s that simple! You use your cards on elemental objects and avoid the waterfall’s edge! I hope my theory is right! (I bet it is ;))


3 Responses

  1. UMMMMMMMMMMM KG!!!!!! IF YOU MEET SENSEI, LIKE I DID TWICE TODAY, BEFORE HE LEAVES, HE WILL SAY,”Use your skills to avoid the Waterfall’s edge.”

  2. HEYO its me Koof Guy it’s me again Isayuh09 i have played Card Jitsu Water and im ALMOST water ninja have you seen what happens when you are one? It is so AWESOME!!! -Isayuh09

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