New Servers on Club Penguin!

Hello fans! CP launched some new servers! Here are the English ones:

They also added new Portuguese, French, and Spanish servers! Looks like CP is growing bigger!


Card-Jitsu Overlapping Glitch!

Hello fans! I was playing Card-Jitsu and two of my power cards had a glitch in them! They were the Rockhopper and Anniversary Party power cards! The items and backgrounds overlap! Look!


I hope CP fixes these soon! Also, if you find anymore glitches, tell me in comments and I will credit to you! -Koofguy



Card-Jitsu Stamps Log in Screen!

CP launched a new log in screen on the stamps you can earn for Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Water, and Card- Jitsu Fire!

Cool huh? Leave a comment on the stamps YOU earned!

Tour Guide Card-Jitsu Water Glitch!

I was on CP and I saw this guy saying tours, and he was saying the tour words from the card-jitsu water SET UP! So I tried it out in different rooms and look what happened!


Cool huh? Try it yourself!

Card-Jitsu Updates

Have you checked out  ? They made a huge update!

Go check it out now, if you haven’t! 🙂

Card-Jitsu Water Wallpaper!

Club Penguin has released a new wallpaper. Take a look below…

It looks pretty intense! What do you think?

Card-Jitsu Water is HERE!

Hello fans! It’s a me Koofguy! The day has ARRIVED! Card-Jitsu Water has come!

(It’s a little late, it came out on Wednesday, but my authors and I were working on becoming a water ninja so we couldn’t post.)

This game is EXACTLY like my theory post. Look!

You use your cards on obstacles and race for the gong! Pretty simple! In my opinion, I think this game is better than Card-Jitsu Fire!

I wonder what Card-Jitsu Snow will bring us…