Brown Puffle

Thanks to Isayuh09 for telling me that we can now buy brown puffles at the pet shop.

Sorry for the late update.

3 Pins in 1

Finally, the day we have been looking foward to. The ship, green and black puffle pins have arrived!!!

The ship located at the stage, of course.

The Green Puffle Pin is located at the dojo.

And the Black Puffle Pin is in the recycling plant!

Puffle Party

The puffle month’s puffle party is here! And if you like free items, here’s where to go…

First up for everyone, the blue puffle hat. 

That’s the free item available for both members and non-members!

Now for members!

First up, the striped puffle jacket!(Available at the puffle show room where you can show off your puffle’s sweet tricks!)   Unfortunately, I’m not a member, so I can’t take a picture. 😦

If you enter the dimension room, which you can take from the beach, and throw a snowball, you’ll throw a cookie for the orange puffles to eat!!!  

Enjoy the Puffle party!


New Field-Ops here.

At the box dimension… if you are not a member, try getting into other igloo’s on the map to see if they have the box. Or ask someone for help! 🙂

Puffle Pins!

What’s better than a puffle party on Puffle month?

I’ll tell you, puffle pins!!!!

Red Puffle on Hidden Lake:

Blue Puffle at Attic:

Do you think other puffle pins will be out during the party?



Here it is.

At the Night Club.

E.P.F. Message

While hanging out at the command room, I found this…

Some sort of message. To get this, you must get an amount of penguins in the room, or the table.

Go check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.